"InterActive Spaces is a dealer service business ecosystem connecting AV technology to work process, space and furnishings through a digital service model for a distributed work world." 

Welcome to InterActive Spaces  

Redefining Work Environments for the Future

Discover a new era of work, where traditional boundaries are removed and innovation thrives. At InterActive Spaces, we believe that to truly succeed in this evolving landscape, we must reimagine not only what we do but also where we do it. That's why we specialize in designing immersive Audio Video-centered work experiences and environments tailored to the needs of today's customer.


Introducing the InterActive Spaces Dealer Service: Revolutionizing the Way We Work

Our dealer service business ecosystem seamlessly integrates work processes, spaces, technology, and furnishings through a cutting-edge digital service model. In a distributed work world, we connect the dots, ensuring that every aspect of your workspace aligns harmoniously to support your team's success. InterActive Spaces is the ultimate solution, merging contract interiors and Audio Video experiences into a business designed exclusively for your clients.


Empower Your Distributed Workforce with Integrated Solutions

In this dynamic landscape, leaders require comprehensive, integrated solutions that seamlessly blend technology, space, and furnishings to enable their teams to thrive, no matter where they are. Our InterActive Spaces story revolves around empowering your clients to embrace distributed work models effortlessly. By curating holistic experiences, we ensure that these essential elements organically synergize, creating a work environment that inspires collaboration, productivity, and innovation. 


Unveiling the Power of Integrated Experiences 

At InterActive Spaces, we pride ourselves on being the storytellers and ambassadors of integrated solutions. We work closely with select contract interiors dealers to craft and deliver transformative experiences that redefine how work is done. Through our expertise in seamlessly blending technology, space, and furnishings, we empower your clients to unlock the true potential of their teams, fostering a culture of creativity and efficiency. 

“The products are great, but what you bring is a radically innovative service business model.”  

L.W., VP of Sales

Our promise

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Join us on this revolutionary journey and become a part of the InterActive Spaces family. Together, we will shape the future of work, creating spaces that inspire, empower, and elevate teams to new heights. Contact us today to embark on a transformative partnership and unlock the full potential of your clients' work environments.


InterActive Spaces: Where work meets innovation, and success knows no boundaries. 

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